• METROMEDS COMPOUNDED SERVICESDental Compounded Medication
  • METROMEDS COMPOUNDED SERVICESPediatric & Veterinary Compounded Medication
  • METROMEDS COMPOUNDED SERVICES Dermatological Compounds (Cosmetically, Fading and Numbing Creams, etc.)
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MetroMeds Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy that specializes in:

  • Alternative Pain Therapy (Topical and Oral)
  • Dermatological Compounds (Cosmetically, Fading and Numbing Creams, etc.)
  • Erectile Dysfunction Therapies
  • Sterile Preparations: (Trimix, Fortified Eye Drops, HCG)
  • Dental Compounded Medication
  • Pediatric Compounded Medication
  • Veterinary Compounded Medication
  • And many other compounding services

Compounding Benefits 

Compounding is the individual preparation of customized prescriptions (Rx Required) on the order of a licensed. Traditional compounding is allowed by the Florida State Board of Pharmacy and Food and Drug Administration. If conventional medicines do not meet your needs, our compounding pharmacy can help.

Compounding is an essential service offered by our pharmacists at MetroMeds. As drugs became commercialized and mass-produced, compounding has become less commonplace in healthcare across the world.

However, compounding is still a necessary and advantageous service to consider depending on your own specific healthcare needs. MetroMeds provides compounding services at a low cost to its customers. Learn more about compounding below or contact us with any questions – we’d be happy to assist you!


 Our full-service facilities can perform the following services:

  • Provide preservative-, dye-, sugar-, alcohol- and lactose-free medications for individuals with allergies or ingredient sensitivities
  • Formulate medications that have been discontinued or that cannot be bought commercially or over-the-counter
  • Customize hormone replacement therapies for women and men
  • Combine medications into one application
  • Change a pill into a syrup, topical lotion, or other dispensing method

The ability to create these personalized medications allows compounding pharmacists to help patients with a wide variety of needs.  Contact us today to learn more about our unique customized solutions for health and wellness.

Pharmacy Benefits

For our compounded and retail prescription clients, we offer the following:

  • Accept most insurance plans
  • Delivery Service (for a fee)
  • Free Shipping of Compounded Medication
  • Highest quality Customer Service

Our compounding pharmacies are USP compliant.  We regularly send our products to an independent laboratory for sterility and potency testing to affirm that we are supplying the highest quality medications to our clients.

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