Free Medications

Pharmaceutical companies provide free medication to patients who fulfill the eligibility criteria. To get free medication, the requirements and eligibility vary from company to company, though most programs require that patients have incomes below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. They also require them to have no health insurance coverage, and be U.S. residents or citizens. Some companies don’t offer assistance to patients with Medicare Part D or with any state sponsored health assistance programs. 

To know if a certain free medication program is suitable for them, the patients need to check out if the program is available for their medicines. They can either directly contact a pharmaceutical company or seek help from a community program. They can apply for the program and if they are deemed eligible for the same depending on their income, age and other required criteria then the medicine manufacturer sends over the medicine to the patient’s home, the local pharmacy or the physician’s clinic. 

MetroMeds Pharmacy is always looking for ways to help patients get the medications they need. MetroMeds Pharmacy’s innovative programs have helped tens-of-thousands of people across the country. Patients can receive up to 30 day supply of select popular brand medications absolutely FREE. An easy application process that can be completed either by the patient, physician's office or an advocate to apply on Patient's behalf will help the patient get up to 30 day supply of medications free. Your free medication will be shipped within one to two weeks after your request is approved by your physician.